Toward a human-centered future.

In our work, we apply a human-centered view on emerging technologies, cultures, and businesses: We know that technology is neither bad, nor good, nor neutral - and we explore its potential for how we interact with one another in private homes, in public places, at work, and on a global scale.

We believe that the skill to learn is equally important as the skill to retain - and that a culture of innovation and openness has to go hand in hand with persistence and resilience. Lastly, we perceive building and growing profitable businesses as an opportunity to advance human-centered innovation, well-being, and sustainable change in society.

In our work, we draw upon our experiences as entrepreneurs, founders, researchers, artists, and product managers. We enjoy building lean, efficient, and dynamic products and services in corporate and public settings alike. To do so we build upon methodologies like systemic and participatory design, lean and agile processes, and design thinking. In addition, methods and tools like the IoT Design Manifesto or the IEEE’s proposal for Ethically Aligned Design, build a basis to our work, ensuring to meet our client’s and our own ambitions.

We are prepared for evolving strategies, and constant, rapid change. We keep learning together with our clients, partners, and users, because we know, the future is current.