Futures Of Europe

Futures of Europe

What Europe do you want to live in?

In the early 21st century, European societies and the idea of Europe as such are besieged by multitudes of challenges from within and without, not least of which is the rise of populism across the continent.

It is the core idea of this project to counter the over-simplified “Not this!” put forward by said movements and encourage the inhabitants of Europe to think – and dream – about the city, country and Europe of the future they want to live in. In doing so, we aim to change their perception of both the present and the future into a more positive one.

We will conduct two Citizen Futures Days in Cologne and Copenhagen in which we will debut our version of a human-centric approach to encourage participants to think positively about the future. We will use this blog to share and highlight our project, events and positive visions of the future of Europe.

Futures of Europe is part of and funded by FutureLab Europe